Welcome to Masjid Ar-Rahma’s Victorian Mosque Open Day!

Join us on Sunday, February 25th, as we open our doors to welcome the community to explore and celebrate the rich tapestry of cultures and beliefs that make up our beloved state of Victoria. Located at 101 Eucumbene Dr, Ravenhall VIC 3023, our mosque invites you to be a part of this special event aimed at fostering understanding and engagement between the Victorian Muslim community and our broader community.

In a time marked by persistent Islamophobia and misinformation, there’s no better opportunity than now to learn directly from the source. Discover the beauty and depth of Islamic beliefs and practices as we come together to combat stereotypes and build bridges of mutual respect and understanding.

This year, in solidarity with our brothers and sisters affected by the conflict in Gaza, we’ll be incorporating a Palestinian theme into our event. As we strive for inclusiveness, we acknowledge the pain and challenges faced by communities around the world.

Prepare for a day filled with engaging experiences! From sermons and community discussions on Islamic beliefs to henna art and jumping castles, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. And of course, no community event is complete without delicious food, so be sure to indulge in our sausage sizzles and other culinary delights.

We extend a warm invitation to our neighbors, schools, businesses, faith groups, politicians, Aboriginal community groups, and anyone interested in joining us for a day of connection and celebration. Together, let’s embrace diversity, foster understanding, and build a stronger, more inclusive Victoria.

Join us at Masjid Ar-Rahma for the Victorian Mosque Open Day and be a part of something truly special. We look forward to welcoming you with open arms.